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Supercontext: Miami Blues

Based on a hard-boiled novel by Charles Willeford, this sweaty, sultry film has us questioning hedonism and the struggle between order and chaos. Between writer/director George Armitage, a very shirtless Alec Baldwin and killer performances by Jennifer Jason Leigh and Fred Ward… we’ve got plenty to talk about.

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Supercontext: David Lapham’s Stray Bullets

David Lapham’s crime comic Stray Bullets demonstrates the challenges of working independently on creative art. Why did it take almost 20 years for this book to get the attention it deserves? We look into the economics of the comics industry to find out.

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Supercontext: Laird Barron’s Swift To Chase

One of the best horror writers of our time is experimenting with genre and structure in his new “mosaic novel” collection of stories. How does Laird Barron bring together Alaska, dogs, cosmic horror and inevitable death to make a new kind of literature?

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