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Lost in the Stacks, Episode 315: Question My Authority

Guest: Liz Holdsworth of the Georgia Tech Library.

First broadcast August 26 2016

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“Please tell me that was originally like that.”

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Supercontext: The Hugo Awards

The 2015 Hugo Awards showed us what happens when science fiction/fantasy fandom turns on itself. A year later we look back at the arguments and manipulations of all the parties involved: Sad Puppies, Rabid Puppies and everyone else. Given how similar this controversy’s rhetoric is to the 2016 presidential election, should we look at cultural moments like this as predictors of larger issues in society?

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Lost in the Stacks, ENCORE Episode 303: The Unbearable Lightness of Streaming

Guest: Fredrick Arnold of Future Oak Record Co.

First broadcast May 6 2016.

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“It was a beautiful, small, material instance of streaming media.”

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Supercontext: DC Rebirth Special

Charlie and Christian examine DC Comics’ latest attempt to reinvent their publishing line. Is it really about defeating despair with hope, as writer/executive Geoff Johns has said? And is this friendly to new readers? We also look at the ethical implications of using characters from “Watchmen” in an attempt to create a shared universe with an emotionally compelling narrative.

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Lost in the Stacks, Episode 314: Chaotic Neutral

First broadcast August 12 2016.

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“I want to talk about chaos, man.”

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Supercontext: The Dark Knight

Looking back on the Batman film “The Dark Knight,” does it stand for anything? Or does it simply soak up whatever morals we bring to it? Christopher Nolan’s intentions remain mysterious, but we do our best to figure them out.  

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Lost in the Stacks round-up: the Data Rules series

For this series, we wanted to know: “How does data rule us, and how should we rule data?” We asked a data librarian, an engineering professor, a data visualization designer, an artist, and ourselves. The series includes accordions, value p, glitches, PhDs, confusion, metrics, blueprints, reports, significance, and an MC5 cover.

Part 1: Data Librarianship: Naked and Afraid with Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh

Part 2: Statistical Significance with Pete Ludovice

Part 3: Data as Wood with Nicholas Felton aka Feltron

Part 4: Data Driven Decisions with Marlee Givens

Part 5: Data as Packet-Switching Glitch Art with Joelle Dietrick

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Lost in the Stacks, Episode 313: Data as Packet-Switching Glitch Art

Part 5 of DATA RULES

Guest: Joelle Dietrick of Davidson College.

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First broadcast August 5 2016.

“Sometimes I find the most interesting moment in my research is when I have a chance encounter with something I wasn’t expecting.”

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Supercontext: Raylan Givens

The Elmore Leonard character “Raylan Givens” from JUSTIFIED speaks to Charlie and Christian. For some reason he makes us feel safe and in control. Is he a barometer for the current state of America?

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