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Supercontext: Uncle Barbecue: Kyle Kinane’s Confessionals

With the release of stand up comedian Kyle Kinane’s new album “Loose in Chicago,” we try to understand his process of mixing “scumbag stories” with contrarian confessions. And after a recent comedy show gone sour, we wonder what kind of etiquette to expect from live audiences.
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Supercontext: Steve Albini, Ally?

Chris and Charlie struggle with their history with, and love for, Steve Albini, and their desire to be decent people. Can music with lyrics hostile toward women be feminist?  

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Lost in the Stacks, Episode 293: Citizen Archiving III: The Master Tapes


Guest: Steve Albini of Electrical Audio.

First broadcast February 26 2016.

“There may be no Pixies in the old country…”

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