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Lost in the Stacks, Episode 379: The Bytegeist of Podcast Preservation

Guest: Molly Schwartz of METRO.

First broadcast April 6 2018.

Playlist at https://www.wrek.org/2018/04/playlist-for-lost-in-the-stacks-from-friday-april-6th-the-bytegeist-of-podcast-preservation-episode-379/

“I hope you don’t give up on that zany idea of an ASMR lab.”

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Lost in the Stacks, Episode 316: The Bad-ass Librarians of Timbuktu

Guest: Joshua Hammer, author of The Bad-ass Librarians of Timbuktu.

First broadcast September 2 2016.

Playlist at https://www.wrek.org/2016/09/playlist-for-lost-in-the-stacks-from-september-2nd-2016-the-bad-ass-librarians-of-timbuktu-episode-316/

“Is this going to get all Steven Spielberg-y?”

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Lost in the Stacks, Episode 293: Citizen Archiving III: The Master Tapes


Guest: Steve Albini of Electrical Audio.

First broadcast February 26 2016.

“There may be no Pixies in the old country…”

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