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Supercontext: Twin Peaks: The Return

This eighteen-hour continuation of a beloved twenty-five year old television series evokes emotions of both love and hate. So we discuss how Mark Frost, David Lynch and Showtime made and distributed this project while adhering to the original themes of good-versus-evil and unconventional storytelling.

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Supercontext: David Bowie’s Blackstar

Looking at David Bowie’s final record Blackstar we ask, “Was he saying goodbye?” The public’s treasure hunt for meaning in both this record’s lyrics and art seems to say so. But how do people’s grief for dead celebrities invite such deeply personal connections?

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Supercontext: Iggy Pop’s “The Idiot”

“It’s important to have a spirit animal who’s an actual person,” is this episode’s pull quote. We discuss the making of Iggy Pop’s album “The Idiot,” David Bowie’s role in its production, and how narratives can change music listening experiences.

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