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Supercontext: The Shelf Life of Movies

Past guest Swain Hunt (Sidebar, The Metronome) returns to discuss what makes movies hold up? We each tackle a film from the last 30 years of cinema and try to understand why they hold up for us: Bull Durham, Contact and V For Vendetta.

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Supercontext: The Two-Faces of David S. Goyer

How does one man find himself at the center of modern myth making? David S. Goyer’s written and directed superhero comics, films and television, but his public persona suggests something larger and more conflicted about superhero storytelling.

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Supercontext: Why was SPECTRE?

SPECTRE! What can we explain about the 24th James Bond movie? We discuss how it was produced, how it was written, where the money came from, and the nonsensical story.

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