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Joycean Day Drinking

I guested on a podcast called tipsyturvy Ulysses, and I had a lot of fun drinking a cocktail in the afternoon and chattering about James Joyce’s Ulysses, a book I have not read.


You might wonder why I would guest on a podcast about a book I never read, and you would be right to wonder. tipsyturvy Ulysses is for people who have not read Ulysses but would like to take the plunge into the infuriating book, and the section of the book which takes place in a library made the hosts think of me.

Okay, that’s not the only reason they asked me. These hosts, Eric and Wendy, have also had me in each of their classrooms to teach podcast composition, a one-shot instruction session I’ve developed for the ENGL1101 and 1102 classes; in this episode, they blame/credit me with planting the seed for their own podcast.

cf. Lost in the Stacks, Episode 513: How To Read A Book In Which Nothing Happens