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Supercontext: All My Friends Are Funeral Singers

All My Friends Are Funeral Singers is a film (and record) by Tim Rutili of the band Califone. We interview Tim about his experience creating a project like this in multiple media and how that changed his process going forward.

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Supercontext: The Shining — All the Way

Together with guest Jack Bennett we compare and contrast all 3 versions of The Shining: Stephen King’s novel, Stanley Kubrick’s film and ABC’s television mini-series. What does this horror tale of alcoholism and domestic violence say about redemption and narcissism?

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Supercontext: M.R. James, Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

In our 2016 holiday episode we look at the forgotten Christmas Eve tradition of telling ghost stories. M.R. James’ work from over a hundred years ago best represents this Victorian trend, so in his honor we bring horror to academia and safe spaces.

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