Thursday Jazz Shift

This summer, on Thursdays at 9am, I do a two-hour jazz shift on WREK Atlanta. Here’s today’s playlist with a few annotations and links to the bands.

Snap, off Boggy Creek Bop, “Wolftone” (One of my favorite pieces, ever. I should be careful not to overplay it.)

Arthur Blythe, off The Grip, “The Grip” (Blythe was recommended by Rent Romus in a Twitter exchange.)

Jeff Coffin and Jeff Sipe, off Duet, “Scattering”

The Charles Waters Quartet, off Chroma Colossus – 13 Visions of the City, “City Limits” (Charles Waters was once an Atlantan, and I saw him play as part of the Gold Sparkle Band.)

Go-Go Fightmaster, off Sound 1, “President Ass”

Amir ElSaffar Two Rivers Ensemble, off Inana, “Journey to the Underworld”

The Sirone / Sabir Mateen / Andrew Barker Trio, off Infinite Flowers, “Flowers” (Andrew Barker was once an Atlantan, and I saw him play as part of the Gold Sparkle Band.)

Weasel Walter, Mary Halvorson, Peter Evans, off Mechanical Malfunction, “The Last Monkey On Earth”

Matthew Shipp / Sabir Mateen, off SAMA, “SAMA Six”

Revolutionary Ensemble, off The Psyche, “Hu-man” (features Sirone)

Don Dietrich & Ben Hall, off Spitfire, Side A Track 1 (Rough, rough sax-drums duo)

Dead Cat Bounce, off Chance Episodes, “Salvation & Doubt”

The McCarthy/Young Experience, off Nothing Gold Stays, “Come With Me”

Rent Romus’ Lords of Outland, off Thee Unhip, “The Blind Dead Rise Again”

Charles Gayle Trio, off Streets, “Compassion II” (I had never heard of him before; loved the song.)

Bela Fleck & The Marcus Roberts Trio, off Across The Imaginary Divide, “Across The Imaginary Divide”

Octobop, off Out Of Nowhere, “Cars And Coffee” (I chose this almost randomly because of Jerry Seinfeld’s web series.)

Preservation Hall Jazz Band, off That’s It!, “That’s It!”

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