Thursday Jazz Shift

This summer, on Thursdays at 9am, I do a two-hour jazz shift on WREK Atlanta. Here’s today’s playlist with a few annotations and links to the bands.

Albert Ayler, off Nuits De La Fondation Maeght 1970, “Music is the Healing Force of the Universe”

Matana Roberts, off Coin Coin Chapter 1: Les Gens de Couler Libres, “Lulla/Bye” (I adore this album)

Gerald Cleaver, off Be It As I See It, “Charles Street Sunrise”

Soar Trio, off Emergency Management Heist, “Down River #1”

Rent Romus’ Life’s Blood, off Truth Teller, “Q’cee”

Rejuvenation Trio, off Rejuvenation Voyage, “Explosive”

Blink, off the epidemic of ideas, “Secret Weapon: Part 1” (skronky guitar jazz I just can’t resist)

The Clarinet Trio, off 4, “Catwalk Munzstrasse”

Jim Alfredson’s Dirty Fingers, off A Tribute to Big John Patton, “Daddy James”

Keith Jarrett / Gary Peacock / Jack DeJohnette, off Somewhere, “Deep Space / Solar”

Henry Threadgill Zooid, off Tomorrow Sunny / The Revelry, Spp, “A Day Off”

Wes Montgomery, off Echoes of Indiana Avenue, “Darn That Dream”

Nate Najar Trio, off Blues for Night People, “O Pato”

Perelman / Shipp / Bisio / Dickey, off The Edge, “Volcanic” (there is so much Matthew Shipp in regular jazz rotation!)

Red Holloway, off Go Red Go!, St. Thomas (a dancing-in-the-studio track)

Trevor Watts / Veryan Weston, off 5 More Dialogues, “Exchanged Frequencies”

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