Thursday Jazz Shift

I’m getting back in the swing of live-on-air shifts on WREK Atlanta (91.1FM or streaming at I’ll post playlists here along with the occasional confession.

“Infinite” by Sirone / Sabir Mateen / Andrew Barker Trio from Infinite Flowers

Aja’s Language Temple” by Joseph Bowie & Adam Rudolph from Good Medicine

“Don Carlotte (Manze)” by Andrea Buffa from 30 Years Island

“Off Override” by John William Gordon from Just a Wild Guess

“Three Phases” by Nelson Patton from Universal Process

“Reminiscence Acid Dance Floor” by Oogui from Travoltazuki

And then I pulled a truly rookie mistake. I hit the CD1 button on the board, the track did not start playing, so I reached over and pressed “Play” on the CD player. The “Play” button I pushed, however, was CD2. So for the end of my shift, I played Octobop and Oogui simultaneously, and DID NOT NOTICE for a full minute. In my defense, it sounded pretty cool.

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