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Lost in the Stacks, Episode 332: This is What Democracy Sounds Like

Guests: Danielle Russell and Katrina Vandeven of the Women’s March on Washington Archives Project.

Playlist at https://www.wrek.org/2017/02/playlist-for-lost-in-the-stacks-from-friday-february-3rd-this-is-what-democracy-sounds-like-episode-332/

First broadcast February 3 2017.

“What do you want to remember about today?”

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Lost in the Stacks, Episode 331: Fake News

Guest: Karen Viars of the Georgia Tech Library.

First broadcast January 27 2017.

Playlist at https://www.wrek.org/2017/01/playlist-for-lost-in-the-stacks-from-friday-january-27th-fake-news-episode-331/

“Is that frustrating, or do you get jazzed up as an information professional?”

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Lost in the Stacks, Episode 281: In Instagram We Trust

Guest: Jessica Bushey of the School of Library, Archival & Information Studies, University of British Columbia.

First broadcast December 4 2015.

Playlist at http://www.wrek.org/?p=13318

“How are we going to store and preserve all this digital?”

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