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The North Avenue Lounge: Arlo Aldo

Dave Manchester of Arlo Aldo.

Dave Manchester of Arlo Aldo.

Guest: Dave Manchester of Arlo Aldo

I spoke with the frontman for Pittsburgh-based Arlo Aldo about performance, recording, family, and playing in living rooms. Features three songs from the new album, House & Home.

In The Studio

Charlie in the WREK Atlanta production studio.

In the WREK production studio, preparing to record a Consilience.

Once a week, Pete Ludovice and I go into the WREK production studio (smaller than the broadcast studio but contains all the same equipment for recording) and record a conversation about whatever is on our mind at that moment. Those recordings become Consilience with Pete and Charlie, which is scattered across the web on this siteTumblr, Libsyn, iTunes, and other podcast aggregators.

We record in half-hour chunks. We try to stay within our defined topic, i.e. the intersection of science and the humanities, but often we stretch the definition of “intersection” (and, to be honest, of “science” and “humanities”).