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Lost in the Stacks, Episode 499: Recruiting from Retail

interior of a Chicago Mall

Guests: Tina Erikson, Jessica Glomb and Max Maller from the University of Chicago Library

Playlist at: https://www.wrek.org/2021/08/playlist-for-lost-in-the-stacks-from-friday-aug-27-recruiting-from-retail-episode-499/

Originally broadcast Aug 27, 2021.

Image credit: jrissman via Wikimedia commons, CC-BY-SA

Lost in the Stacks, Episode 458: Multimodal Information Literacy

First broadcast February 14 2020.

Playlist at https://www.wrek.org/2020/02/playlist-for-lost-in-the-stacks-from-friday-february-14th-multimodal-information-literacy-episode-458/

“Finding that subtext inside of which way an arrow’s pointing in the graph.”

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Library 20/20: Episode 001 – The Library is Not a Collection of Books

This episode contains interpolated audio from the TEDx talk “The Library is Not a Collection of Books,” delivered in January 2014 at TEDx Telfair Street.

Music in this episode: 

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Lost in the Stacks, Episode 394: Where Are We Going?

First broadcast September 7 2018.

Playlist at https://www.wrek.org/2018/09/playlist-for-lost-in-the-stacks-from-friday-september-7-where-are-we-going-episode-394/

“So we should have done homework on this one.”

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