Library 20/20, a podcast about the future of libraries

Library 20/20 was an experiment. I label it that way because if it were a show, then it would be a failure.

The reason for Library 20/20 was my fascination with richly produced, intimate storytelling podcasts, such as 99% Invisible (which has changed over its long run from Roman Mars in a bedroom studio to the keystone for a podcast network). The excuse was the LibraryNext project at the Georgia Tech Library.

My version of a storytelling project very quickly revealed itself: imagine a TED talk delivered in a bar while the jukebox kept playing. Informal, out-spoken, and overloaded with music. I planned to make two episodes a month for two years, each episode focusing on one particular service or location in the reimagined Library.

I did not make 48 episodes, as will be clear if you check out the feed. Each Library 20/20 episode took several workdays to create, and I did not have that kind of time to spare, professionally or personally.

I learned a lot about recording, editing, producing, and project management doing Library 20/20, and I’m very pleased with the few episodes I did create. So, it was a successful and useful experiment… and a failure as a show.

Image by Bixby Grimmett, ruined with text by Charlie Bennett
Image by Bixby Grimmett